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Welcome to this site, I’m Domingo B. Lague (Entuala Kongo).

If you came to this page is because you have the need for spiritual services. I can help you! I have the answer to the doubt that has you uneasy and I have the solution to that problem that has you stressed. I have more than 40 years in Palo Mayombe and have an ample knowledge of metaphysics. If you feel: That someone wants to do you harm, your mate is being unfaithful, they are lying to you, estrange things happen around you, you have bad feelings or estrange dreams, do not have peace, your health is constantly down, do not find a job, do not find a mate, suffer from constant sadness, have problems in your business or job, let me help you. Contact me by telephone or through my contact link as soon as possible.



Some of my services are:

Seashell readings

Elaboration on your astral card

Aura cleansing


Dream Interpretation

Breaking maleficios, maldiciones and hechiceria

Elaboration of baths with your Zodiac sign

Communication with the spirits

Spiritual development Rituals and amulets for love, luck, protection and prosperity

Horoscope Learn to grow from the past, understand the present and know what the future has for you, stop thinking negatively and discover how to enjoy life! .

You can now aquire the books of the Cuban Writer electronically on P.D.F. Available in: Espanish and Portuguese.


History Repeated

Solution Graphics


Tata Nkiza, y First Trunc of The Brach of Lemba. I will give classes of Palo Monte; to all Ganguleros interested.I read the Tarot and Sea Shells. For more information call Cell: (760) 265-9070 Nextel Radio : 125*135*4311, Visit our websites at. www.entuala-kongo.org. www.afrocubaweb.com Email: domingo@entuala-kongo.org .





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